----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are you a person depressed and worried with psychological problems like anxiety, fears, phobias, tension, tension headache, depression, emotional sexual complaints, suicidal ideations, compulsive thoughts not benefited by past psychiatric treatments however chronic the complaints are, your problems have a definite solution with safe alternate and effective psychological treatments without drugs like :- 

Behavior Therapy, Computerized Bio Feed Back, Electronic Aversion Therapy, Relaxation Techniques, Conditioning Methods, Thoughtstop Techniques, Unwanted thoughts & Obsessive Ruminations, Learning disabilities and scholastic backwardness of children’s, Difficulty to face people inferiority feelings and all psychological stress management techniques.


Are you a person not able to sleep without sleeping tablets or even cannot sleep with sleeping tablets remember there are wonderful alternate conditioning techniques to get sound sleep without any drugs and no side effects.




Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Govt. Medical College Hospital



Dr. Joseph Isaac, clinical psychologist with 24 years of psychological treatment practice experience teaches you the wonderful methods of self hypnosis, auto suggestion and visualization techniques to condition your cognitions and behavior and helps you to improve your personality.

Dr. Joseph Isaac is working as a Clinical Psychologist in the Govt. Medical College Hospital, Kottayam, Kerala. He had his specialization in Psychological treatment methods of Behavior Therapy, Electronic Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Psycho Diagnostics, Neuropsychology and Counseling from the most reputed National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, India. He is practicing psychological treatment for the last twenty years. He is an antipsychiatry activist, and a strong critic of the dogmatic biological psychiatry and the brain damaging treatments like psychiatric drugs and electroshock treatment indiscriminately given to the mentally distressed. He is the the author of two professional books in Malayalam and one book in English and is widely read and discussed among the public in Kerala. He is the first Indian Clinical Psychologist who has vehemently criticized the present Psychiatric practice and abuses of Psychiatric drugs and has written a book criticizing the potential dangers involved in Psychiatric drugging entitled “Franthakkunna Chikilsa”, the translation in English is “Treatment Making Insane”.



The first and the only clinical psychologist who is appointed as International Commissioner

Citizens Commission on Human Rights International

Los Angeles, California 90028



Currently President of Kerala government clinical psychologist association and professional life member of IACP


The only Indian representative included among the mental health professionals who oppose "involuntary" psychiatric treatment.


He has written several articles in the Malayalam journals, newspapers and was imparting psychological guidance. He has also appeared many times in the television. He was the gold medalist of the Kerala University. He is the president of the Kerala Government Clinical Psychologists Association.


The purpose of this site is to create public awareness about the Drug-Free Clinical Psychological treatment methods, to dispel the perpetuating myths and delusions in psychiatry, to inform about the dangers of Psychiatric drugs and electric shock and to highlight the modern researches in Clinical Psychology.

Psychological  Testing Facilities

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Suggested reading:

1. Franthakkunna chikilsa - 2004

2. Manasikaprashnangal  

3. Stop Psychiatric Damaging

                            Written  By Dr. Joseph Isaac



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